Tomas Tillberg Designed Sylvia Earle Interiors Revealed

Science Centre

After revealing a new livery for the Sylvia Earle, Aurora Expeditions has now made public the interior design of this brand new vessel.

The design was created by Tomas Tillberg, managing partner of Tomas Tillberg Design, and his team as the 130-guest ship is due to enter service in 2021.

This team was also behind the interior design of Sylvia Earle’s sister ship, the Greg Mortimer, which launched in 2019.

Sun Deck

The inside of the Sylvia Earle will have a natural color palette, “taking inspiration from the remote and pure natural areas that we travel to,” according to Aurora Expeditions’ Head of Marketing, Victoria Primrose.

“We have also integrated new beautiful spaces onboard such as the Sylvia Earle Science Center, with input from Dr. Sylvia Earle, to come up with the perfect space to run our onboard citizen science programs,” she said.

“Exploring the natural world is at the heart of what we do and, therefore, we have brought elements of nature into the interior design of the Sylvia Earle,” added CEO Monique Ponfoort. “Ensuring passengers completely immerse themselves in the destination is of paramount importance to Aurora Expeditions. The goal for us has always been to create lifelong ambassadors for the protection of the wilderness areas they travel to, and education and conservation are integral to our DNA, and this design is reflective of that.”

Balcony Stateroom

According to a press release, the ship will offer many new destinations within the Aurora Expeditions program, including Alaska, Baja California, the Russian Far East, Raja Ampat, and West Papua.

The Sylvia Earle will also feature a two-level glass lounge in the bow, enhancing the views from the vessel.

“In polar regions, this means that passengers will be able to appreciate the majesty of an iceberg immediately as it appears on the horizon,” Aurora Expeditions said in a press release.