Executive Chef

Job description includes section “Duties and requirements for all hotel crew”.


The Chef reports to the Hotel Director.


The Chef position is responsible for the oversight of the entire galley operation in accordance with company standards, and to ensure proper training and development of the galley crew.

Also for all administrative duties to include inventory control, ordering and replenishing of provisions and stores while meeting established company budget goals.

Other administrative duties will be the oversight and monitoring of all set galley controls, to include but not limited to, menu flow, requisition control, galley scheduling overtime/rest sheets, temperature and other galley logs, etc.

All aspects of the galley operation must meet or exceed USPH/CDC standards and guidelines and prescribed company sanitation and safety standards.

As a “Working Chef”, the position is also responsible for assisting in all stations as necessary to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the galley.

The Chef is expected to conduct themselves in a professional productive manner at all times, while working well with all crew to promote a ‘Team Environment’.

General Summary listed in all Galley Job Descriptions:

Required to be involved with general cleaning of the galley, provision loading, help and support any area of the galley as needed, required and specified by the chef and/or other hotel/galley management.

Practicing and following strict sanitation procedures and requirements, food handling procedures as set by Company’s Vessel Sanitation Program based on USPH/CDC guidelines.

All galley crewmembers are required to be in their assigned positions and productively working at the specific times set by the chef, that are conducive with the galley operation and general meal service.

All galley crewmembers are expected to help and support any other area of the galley operations as required and/or instructed by the chef or other vessel management.

All crewmembers are expected to conduct themselves in a professional productive manner at all times, while working well with all other crewmembers to promote a ‘Team Environment’.

Specific duties and major areas of responsibility however are not limited to:

  • Direct the preparation of all menu items and oversee the execution of guest and crew service and meal.
  • Timely delivery of all food products in accordance with corporate menus and recipes.
  • Maintain the highest level of quality in all food preparations and presentations.
  • Responsible for ongoing training and development of the galley staff.
  • Be available and willing to work and/or support any position in the galley as needed to ensure a smooth running operation.
  • Able to lead by example and elicit staff respect.  Actively provide cross training.
  • Constantly work to meet budgeted food, consumable and non-consumable costs without sacrifice to quality of food or service.
  • Maintain a sanitary galley using all appropriate procedures for food handling and storage of food.  Deliver a safe product and continual staff training in this area.
  • Accommodate special needs as requested by guests due to dietary restrictions. Interact with special needs guests regarding each day’s menus to meet their needs and requirements though out the cruise.
  • Responsible for periodic and timely inventories and pars, following established ordering guidelines and receiving procedures.
  • Maintain sanitation standards using proper food storage and handling procedures in accordance with USPH/CDC codes and company VSP structure.  Assign and participate in daily and phase galley sanitation duties.
  • Responsible for ensuring safe food product at all times and holding other accountable for the same.
  • Prepare and monitor daily work schedules and assigned position duties.
  • Contributes to the overall company operation and success by being available and willing to transfer to and/or support any other company vessel if requested.
  • Constantly works to develop an atmosphere of achieving common company goals through friendly, supportive and cooperative spirit with all crew, shipmates and office contemporaries.
  • Ensure that all crewmembers are treated with dignity, equality and in an impartial manner.
  • Able to direct, guide and develop subordinates, providing evaluations and coaching.  Leading by example, delegating authority when needed.

Job position duties and requirements are not inclusive and may be adjusted and/or added to at any time my Hotel Vessel management and Corporate Management.