Hotel Director

Job description includes section “Duties and requirements for all hotel crew”.


  • The Hotel Director reports to the Captain regarding vessel operations onboard.
  • The Hotel Director reports to the Vice President Guest Experience for the Company policies and procedures.


  • 4 gold stripes with white bars in-between.


  • Single cabin.
  • Uniform shirts, pants and jackets are provided for by the Company.
  • Unlimited bar allowance.
  • Family visit onboard allowed if family stays in cabin, with permission from the Captain and Head Office.

Skills, Experience and Education Requirements

  • A university Bachelor’s or Master’s degree(s) or significant related experience.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Prefer previous Hotel Manager/Director experience within the Cruise Industry (3-5 years) or equivalent experience.
  • Proficiency in MS Word and Excel.


  • Supervising and managing all aspects of the hotel department:
    • Administrative Departments
      • Purser’s Office
      • Reception Desk
      • Medical Center
    • F&B Departments
      • Galleys
      • Dining areas for passengers and crew
      • Bars/Beverage service areas for passengers and crew
      • Store rooms
      • Purchasing/Supply Chain management
    • Housekeeping Department
      • Public and crew areas
      • Passenger staterooms
      • Laundry
  • Outlets & Other
    • Massage Salon/Spa (Fitness Center)
    • Gift Shop
    • Musician(s) and Entertainment/Enrichment personnel, where applicable.
  • Administrative duties
    • Achieve financial, budgetary and profitability objectives as set by Company.  Responsible for the management of all hotel budgets on the ship to which he/she is assigned.
    • Achieve Passenger and crew satisfaction goals/targets as set by Company.
    • Attain Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as set by Company.
    • Ensure Company food safety and sanitation rules are implemented and adhered to.
    • Prepare/supervise End of Voyage and End of Month reports, which include administrative, financial and inventory reports and documentation according to Company guidelines.
    • Prepare/supervise purchase orders and container orders.
    • Coordination with the head office in the areas of Human Resources, Purchasing and Logistics, communication, and the day-to-day operation.
    • Executing the Company Brand Standards as per the Charter agreement.
  • Hotel crew
    • Crew orientation, training/coaching, development/counseling, feedback/evaluation.
    • Providing/supervising on-the-job training to team members and record keeping thereof.
    • Conducting meetings and counseling sessions in order to maximize crew morale and productivity, and to foster a sense of community.
    • Evaluating individual hotel crew performance.
    • Ensuring disciplinary action is taken when required, utilizing fairness and respect within the framework of the Company guidelines.
    • Developing the crew rotation planning/schedules with the head office.
  • Services
    • Responding to charter, passenger, and crew welfare and service needs.
    • Ensuring that all passenger request, inquiries and concerns are responded to promptly.
    • Ensuring maintenance and repairs required in the hotel department are performed, with follow-up to ensure issues are rectified.
    • Monitoring hotel operations activities, performing inspections and taking corrective action when required.
  • Ensuring that company food safety and sanitation standards are maintained throughout the hotel department.
  • Liaising with the Deck and Engine department regarding operational matters.

Working Hours

  • 24 hours/day on duty when required.